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Emolium Dermocare Bath emulsion 200ml

Emolium Dermocare Bath emulsion 200ml
Emolium Dermocare Bath emulsion 200ml
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Emolium Dermocare We have created a bath lotion especially for the daily needs of sensitive and demanding skin from the first day of life. Its purpose is to provide the skin with hydration and the best protection by rebuilding and strengthening the natural lipid barrier. Strengthens the skin's protective barrier - Restores the proper pH of the skin. - Visibly improves the lubrication and hydration of the skin, preventing it from drying out. - Strengthens and rebuilds the protective barrier, preventing the penetration of irritating substances. Moisturizes and soothes irritations - Replenishes lipids in the intercellular cement, improving the condition of the skin. - Creates a delicate protective film on the skin, protecting it against external factors. - Protects against irritation and visibly soothes those that have already arisen. Effect: after the bath, the skin becomes visibly moisturized and soft to the touch. Recommended by: - ​​Polish Society of Midwives - Polish Pediatric Society On the basis of application and apparatus tests. Emolium Dermocare bath lotion A unique combination of high-quality oils that gently wash, providing clear hydration and lubrication. - As many as 4 biomimetic oils: macadamia, canola, avocado and shea butter - perfectly match the physiology of the skin, thus increasing the effectiveness of care. They moisturize in two directions by creating a film that protects against irritation and rebuilding the protective barrier. - Caprylic-capric triglycerides - replenish the lime trees in the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. They strengthen the natural protective barrier of the epidermis.- Hypoallergenic - Clinically and dermatologically tested - Developed in cooperation with pediatricians and dermatologists


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