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INTENSON Vanilla WPC protein 600g

INTENSON Vanilla WPC protein 600g
INTENSON Vanilla WPC protein 600g

WPC protein is a protein supplement based on the highest quality whey protein concentrate (WPC) with a high level of BCAA branched amino acids , characterized by rapid absorption. BCAA consists of 3 amino acids: leucitin, isoleucine and valine , which significantly support the muscles during regeneration, eliminate the so-called. "Soreness" and allow training continuity.

The WPC protein will supplement the diet of everyone with the necessary protein, especially those who have an increased need for protein, strive to increase muscle mass, for professional athletes and those practicing recreational sports.

Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass as well as healthy bones.

PERFECT FOR CONSUMPTION AT ANY TIME - WPC protein can be consumed at any time - before and after training, between meals and at any time of the day when you want to provide your body with a valuable portion of protein.

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