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LONG 4 LASHES Brow Tattoo- espresso, 8ml

LONG 4 LASHES Brow Tattoo- espresso, 8ml
LONG 4 LASHES Brow Tattoo- espresso, 8ml
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Long4Lashes Brow Tattoo– it is a gel developed to guarantee 24-hour effects of a permanent make-up. The innovative LongStayColour technology allows you to precisely model and highlight the contour of your eyebrows, as well as provide ideal colour for the missing hair follicles. The biotin and argan oil found in the formula of the gel nourish and strengthen hair follicles, making them look glossy and healthy.

The PEEL-OFF formula–a comfort way to achieve a stylish and natural eyebrow make-up. The gel can be conveniently applied and easily removed after drying – leaving your eyebrows ideally shaped.


Optically adjusted and highlighted eyebrows, perfect make-up and intense colour –with no need to make any corrections during the day. Application: Cover your clean and dry eyebrows precisely with the gel, marking the desired shape. If the gel has been applied outside of the desired contours, it is necessary to remove its excess before it dries. Wait for approximately 30 minutes to let it dry and form a film. For stronger effect, extend the time for another 10-20 minutes. After this time, delicately remove the peel-off layer from the internal to the external part of your eyebrow. Residues (if any) should be removed by means of a damp cotton swab.

Attention: The preparation should not be applied in rooms of high-humidity, e.g. in a bathroom while taking a shower.


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