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NACOMI 100% Macadamia Oil-50ml

NACOMI 100% Macadamia Oil-50ml
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NACOMI 100% Macadamia Oil-50ml

Best before: 05.2021

APPLICATION: The bottle containing this precious oil has a pipette, which makes it easy to apply to selected parts of the body. It is delicate, we can pat it in the face, the whole body, and rub it into the ends of the hair. Perfect for the fight against orange skin, when used regularly, combined with diet and exercise, it will allow you to get rid of it forever. You can massage it into the body during sunbathing, thanks to which our skin will take on a nice colour. Used after an overdose of sunbathing, it will soothe irritations and soothe dry skin. Depending on the needs and condition of our skin, we can use it in daily care or several times a week as a supplement to our regenerative treatments.

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