ARGAN BRONZER Argan Bronzing Concentrate, 15ml

ARGAN BRONZER Argan Bronzing Concentrate, 15ml

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Concentrated formula, intended for gray, tired, uneven skin devoid of a sunny glow, as well as for skin which is difficult to tan and sensitive to the sun. It contains an extremely effective combination of bronzing and nourishing ingredients, so it does not dry out, but rather moisturizes the skin, while giving it a radiant sun-kissed glow throughout the year.
Carefully selected formula absorbs quickly, giving the effect of a satin finish combined with a subtle improvement in skin color after the first application. The effect is likely to intensify with each use, allowing you to select and control the degree of tan, depending on skin tone and preferences, thereby reducing the risk of streaks, smudges, and stains.


The unique combination of active ingredients, such as Phyto Cell Tec™ ARGAN PLANT STEM CELLS DERIVED FROM THE ARGAN TREE, as well as hyaluronic acid and betaine, restores skin vitality, radiance and proper moisture level, actively restores and regenerates, smooths and strengthens the skin.

– is an innovative, new generation ingredient developed in Swiss laboratories
– belong to the second, improved generation of stem cells, which acts on the dermal barrier
– actively stimulates reconstruction of damaged skin stem cells
– stimulates production of new, young cells
– reduces wrinkles, regenerates and tightens the skin


The skin gains a delicate shade of a natural tan, healthy tone, radiance, smoothness and hydration of a nurtured complexion.


The concentrate may be used alone, by spreading 2-3 drops of the product evenly over cleansed skin, but you can also add 2-3 drops of the concentrate to the daily servings of your favorite cream, such as Bielenda ARGAN + MACADAMIA + MARULA line. Such formula should be thoroughly mixed and spread evenly on the skin.
NOTE: wash hands thoroughly after application.

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