COMFORT  Foot antiperspirant  SPRAY MIST, 150ml

COMFORT Foot antiperspirant SPRAY MIST, 150ml

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Brand: Bielenda
Product Code: Bie195157
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A tendency for excessive perspiration of feet is – very often – a nuisance. An appropriate preparation refreshing the skin of your feet, based on an antiperspirant formula, could prevent it.

Capacity 150 ml



Thanks to a composition of effective active substances the SPRAY MIST ANTIPERSPIRANT provides freshness and comfort of your feet every day; easy application makes it even more comfortable.



Your feet will smell good, look great and feel fresh; a delicate scent of mint and lemon cools and relaxes your skin. Recommended especially for excessive sweating of feet.



Depending on your needs and degree of perspiration; up to several times a day. Product for year-round application

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