COMFORT Cream – anti-callus MASK with exfoliating effect, 100ml

COMFORT Cream – anti-callus MASK with exfoliating effect, 100ml

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Brand: Bielenda
Product Code: Bie195190
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An effective foot cream with an exfoliating and smoothing formula, protects the foot skin susceptible to cornification and induration, i.e. heels, soles and toes.

Capacity 100 ml


A high,  10% concentration of active substances with exfoliating and smoothing effect  facilitates cornification processes, has a smoothing and softening effect, facilitates exfoliation of the dry and thickened epidermis. The cream formula  will  “wrap” the epidermis like a dressing, protecting it, giving a sense of comfort and regeneration.


The cream visibly and quickly improves skin condition, effectively reducing and preventing calluses; with each application, the skin regains its vitality, smoothness, becomes regenerated and revitalized. The skin absorbs the cream quickly, it does not stick, making the skin smooth and nice to the touch.


Systematically massage the cream in the skin. Product for year-round application in reaction to appearance of calluses and thickening of epidermis.

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