COMFORT Cream – DRESSING for cracked and cornified heels, 100ml

COMFORT Cream – DRESSING for cracked and cornified heels, 100ml

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Brand: Bielenda
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An effective cream with a complex formula, rich in moisturizing and softening active substances, intended for cracked and cornified heels. Perfectly protects the skin of heels with a tendency to crack due to excessive dryness of the epidermis, improper diet, badly fitted footwear or improper hygiene. Cracks increase the likelihood of dust, viruses and bacteria penetration into the organism. In order to prevent it, we should take good care of our feet and protect our skin from cracking.

Capacity 100 ml



A high,10% concentration of glycerin and supporting substances: lanolin, d-panthenol, and an anti-bacterial ingredient, result in an “invisible protective sock” effect on foot skin, acting as a dressing. The formula of the cream is based on binding and maintaining water in the epidermis, giving a sense of protection and comfort.



The cream visibly improves skin condition and soothes skin irritations. With each application, the skin regains its smoothness, becomes regenerated and revitalized. The cream is absorbed quickly and does not stick.



Systematically massage the cream in the skin. Product for year-round, everyday application

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