COMFORT – EXFOLIATING socks – EXFOLIATING treatment for your feet

COMFORT – EXFOLIATING socks – EXFOLIATING treatment for your feet

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An exfoliating foot treatment is an easy way to make your feet smooth and soft without painstaking scrubbing, peeling, polishing or using cosmetic cutters. Effectively removes dead, thickened and cornified epidermis from heels and feet.

Packaging contains:

– 2 plastic socks – one standard size

– 2 sachets of active liquid




The treatment is based on a unique mix of effective and safe active substances which, as an exfoliating and protective agent, help remove the epidermis that causes problems and revitalize it. An effective combination of 3 acids (glycol, lactic and salicylic) and urea concentration of 5% ensures a strong protection of skin susceptible to calluses and thickening. The treatment facilitates natural exfoliation processes of the foot epidermis, deeply revitalizes and regenerates it, improves its appearance and comfort. An additional content of protective and soothing substances moisturizes your skin and help your feet regain their balance.




All you need is one treatment – it will visibly regenerate and revitalize your feet. In 7-10 days following treatment, your feet will become perfectly smooth, soft and beautiful*.

*The effect depends on skin condition and the extent of cornification. The effects of the treatment may last up to several weeks.




  1. After washing and drying your feet, put the plastic socks on.
  2. Fill each sock with liquid from the sachets: 1 sachet per 1 sock.
  3. Carefully put thick socks on the plastic socks.
  4. Do not remove for another 60-90 minutes – depending on the condition of your feet.
  5. Carefully take off the first, than the second pair of socks. Dispose of the plastic socks. Rinse the remaining liquid with warm water.


ATTENTION – Throughout the treatment, take care not to spill the liquid from the socks.

Exfoliation process should begin after 3-7 days from treatment. Its duration depends on what the skin condition was before the treatment. You can speed up the exfoliation by immersing your feet in warm water for 20 min. during the post-treatment exfoliation period (up to several times – the more often you do it, the sooner the exfoliation occurs).

During the treatment, you should not use other exfoliating or scrubbing agents.

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