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About the company

Their priority has always been working according to the ’strategy of beauty’ for you.
Their everyday work is to make you feel comfortable and beautiful. With each new development we strive for excellence, creating reliable and safe products that help highlight natural beauty and enable you to feel it from the inside out.

Their motto

Offering help every day.
This is why they help people feel good about themselves each and every day, while highlighting their own natural beauty.
They also help people by sharing their profits. You can be proud choosing Delia Cosmetics, in 2017 they were awarded a prestigious distinction – Benefactor of the year 2017 Award (Dobrczyńcza Roku 2017) for those efforts.

Creating quality

They have been granted the ISO 9001 quality certificate, their work is done according to GMP standards and we are eligible to manufacture medical products. Their scientists work hard to create formulas using only certified top quality ingredients sourced from proven, trustworthy suppliers.

What makes them stand out

Their products are the result of long periods of thinking and dreaming about fulfilling the needs of their customers. During the past 20 years they have created many reliable formulas, but their claim to fame is their eyebrow range, especially eyebrow tint. In this category, Delia Cosmetics is not only an expert, but also a leader in the field as proven by being the most recognisable brand in Poland. (A brand awareness study of eyebrow tint and eyebrows and lashes tint amongst women aged 15+, 08/2017 GFK Polonia.)
We also take pride in our range of hair dyes made from herbal colour under the Cameleo brand, which was the first and continues to be the only hair dye in Poland to be tested and proven safe on sensitive skin.

 WAVES UNDER CONTROL - Enhanced curls and waves without frizzingCURL YOUR CURLS - Easier hair combing, styling and managingPROFESSIONAL EFFECTS - Increased elasticity, flexibility and softness. Smooth and strengthened hair structurePURE INGREDIENTS - Biomimetic Keratin Kerestore 2.0, formulated..
£2.99 Ex VAT: £2.49
Professional qualityAn innovation based on Kerestore TM 2.0 - biomimetic keratinThe combination of natural ingredients and modern technologiesIntensively regenerates and reconstructs the most damaged areas on the hair surfacePerfectly caresIt makes the hair smoother down to the ends, more bouncy, fl..
£5.19 Ex VAT: £4.33
Walnut extract will make your browns even more intense!Highlight your browns and bring out the maximum beauty from them!Reach the highest level of brilliance!Give your hair a deep cleansing and care!Get ready for a beautiful chocolate effect on your hair!..
£3.29 Ex VAT: £2.74
Salt-free conditioner with immediate effects for extremely damaged hair. Provides exceptionally mild care for delicate hair and head skin. Active keratin, Kerestore 2.0 ™, wonderfully rebuilds damaged hair structure, deeply regenerates hair and strengthens its protective layer Immediate effects.Ant..
£2.59 Ex VAT: £2.16
A maximum of energy and lustrous hair A salt-free shampoo for damaged hair.The product delicately washes the hair and maintains its natural protective barrier.An innovative shampoo formula ensures delicate cleaning and exceptional mildness for sensitive skin.The biomimetic Kerestore 2.0 TM keratin ..
£4.99 Ex VAT: £4.16
Conditioner for blonde, gray and bleached hairIt eliminates yellow reflections on the hairIlluminates and gives a silvery shineIt provides beautiful, platinum reflections for gray hairSystematic use deepens the intensity of platinum tonesFor everyday useEffectively regeneratesIt smoothes the hair wi..
£3.29 Ex VAT: £2.74
DELIA CAMELEO SILVER hair mask for blonde and bleached hair 200ml
-100 %
END DATE: 11/2021Effectively neutralizes unwanted yellow tones on blonde hair and emphasizes platinum tones.Intensively regenerates and nourishes the hair, maintaining its natural shine.Moisturizes, smoothes and makes the hair soft to the touch.Important: The product does not stain the scalp or clot..
£4.99 £4.49 Ex VAT: £3.74
The Delia brand has found a solution for unwanted yellow tones on the hair. Cameleo Silver shampoo is intended for blond, bleached and gray hair. It eliminates yellow tones of hair. You can use it every time you wash your hair. The shampoo cares for the hair, leaving it soft and shiny and the color ..
£3.29 Ex VAT: £2.74
Olive oil extract and argan oil will make your hair properly moisturized, smooth and strengthened!Highlight your browns and bring out the maximum beauty of them thanks to the extract of walnut leaves!Reach the highest level of brilliance!Give your hair deeper color and proper care!Get ready for a be..
£2.99 Ex VAT: £2.49
Washable color dedicated to blonde hair: natural, dyed, lightened and gray, leaves a delicate illumination on the hair, providing additional care.Violet Rinse - will take care of the cool shade of your hair, eliminating unwanted yellow shade. The purple rinse has been enriched with lavender water th..
£2.89 Ex VAT: £2.41
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