SONIC 3-ZONE CLEANSING BRUSH + moisturising face wash 150ml

SONIC 3-ZONE CLEANSING BRUSH + moisturising face wash 150ml

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Brand: Lirene
Product Code: ERIS 10Z07222-04
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Convenient and easy to use and care for sonic brush with extra gentle silicone touch-points that uses transdermal sonic pulsation to wash out impurities and make-up residues. 3 types of touch-points designed for 2 functions of the product: 1- 2 types cleansing touch-points (the thinner one) – for cleansing and scrubbing. 2- Massage touch-points (the thicker one) – for facilitation of cream absorption and massage


Special brush head and comfortable flexibility reach 6000 times per minute of high frequency vibration. 

Dermatologically tested with proven effectiveness*: 

  • clean and refreshed skin  - 100%
  • softer skin - 93%
  • smoother skin - 89%
  • more hydrated skin - 70%
  • firmer skin - 81%

*in-vivo test - evaluation by a group of 27 women  over 2 weeks


Lirene Dermoprogram face wash has a refreshing formula perfect for all skin types. It effectively cleanses make-up, refreshes and restores skin comfort. 

Best use before 03/2020

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