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MULTILASHES Eyelash enhancing serum, 4 ml

MULTILASHES Eyelash enhancing serum, 4 ml
MULTILASHES Eyelash enhancing serum, 4 ml

MULTILASHES EYELASH ENHANCING SERUM MultiLashes eyelash enhancing serum makes lashes longer and thicker. They look darker, giving the eyes a mysterious glow. Use of the serum visibly improves eyelash health and reduces loss. The serum is easy to apply (it has an applicator in the form of a small, thin brush) and extremely effective, as confirmed by research. The formula will certainly be appreciated by those naturally endowed with short and thin eyelashes, as well as those with eyelashes weakened by beauty treatments such as lengthening or thickening. MultiLashes makes it easy to return to form after illnesses which cause hair loss, letting you again look in the mirror without fear and see joyful eyes shaded by eyebrows. May also be used to contact lens wearers.

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