ANX Total Repair Nail Conditioner LIQUID GOLD

ANX Total Repair Nail Conditioner LIQUID GOLD

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Brand: Bielenda
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  1. improves the condition of damaged nails
  2. fills in ridges, unevenness and imperfections of the nail plate
  3. reduces discoloration
  4. adds shine
  5. forms a protective coating against mechanical damage
  6. prevents nails from breaking, peeling and splitting
  7. increases the chance for a healthier nail growth
  8. restores smooth surface and brilliant shine to damaged and dull nails
  9. dries quickly
  10. provides subtle, natural finish

SUBTLE, MILKY SHADE of the conditioner, containing GOLD FLECKS,provides a beautiful, natural shine for your nails.


Apply a coat of the conditioner to clean and bare nails. Leave to dry. Use regularly, depending on the needs.

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