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About the company
BIELENDA Professional has been operating since 1990.
They have been producing the highest quality natural face and body care cosmetics for 30 years. Bielenda Professional are a modern company which, from the very beginning, has been faithful to the belief that the most comprehensive, and at the same time safe and skin-friendly care is provided by cosmetics based on natural active ingredients.

The company offers over 400 top-quality products aimed at both individual customers and professional customers - beauty salons, schools, wellness centres and Wellness & Spa, for which they have prepared a comprehensive line of professional cosmetics. Systematic improvement and meeting the expectations of the market results in constant growth and a rapidly growing group of satisfied customers. Bielenda Professional are proud that they are able to stay ahead of the trends of the domestic cosmetic market, with products that are appreciated by both cosmetologists and their customers. BIELENDA Professional preparations have gained recognition on the cosmetics market and have been honoured with many industry awards.

All cosmetics from the idea to the final product are made at the company's headquarters in Krakow. In the Research and Development Department, a team of creative technologists and cosmetologists, based on the current trends, develops more and more perfect recipes. We make sure that our cosmetics are of the highest quality - effective, efficient and safe, which is why our products are subjected to rigorous research and laboratory tests. The Quality Control Department ensures thorough analysis and control at every stage of product development, and the Microbiology Department supervises the microbiological purity of each production batch.

BIELENDA Professional offers its customers a wide range of products for cosmetic treatments and preparations for daily home care. These cosmetics allow you to maintain an attractive appearance and harmony between the body, spirit and mind.

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HOME CARE Protective face cream SPF 50 Hight protection UVA, UVBSensitive skin, with Vitiligo, after depigmentation treatmentsCapacity 100 mlTreatment – strengthening the defend barrier of the skin against UV light – soothes, alleviates irritations – moisturizes.Active Ingredient..
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Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: 2-3 Days
Light eye cream based on orange water with a pleasant, non-greasy consistency, suitable for makeup. Moisturizes, helps to eliminate dark circles and bruises under the eyes, has anti-wrinkle properties. Contains Eyebright for tired eyes.Thanks to the content of specially selected active ingredien..
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Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
Multi-active treatment with glycolic acid 5%, used regularly, supports skin regeneration processes - gently exfoliates and smoothes, brightens and unifies the color, helps fight discoloration of various origins and imperfections. Regulates oily and combination skin. It supports the fight against the..
£7.47 £16.60
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Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
Multi-active treatment with PHA 10% acids, used regularly, visibly improves the structure of the skin, smoothes it, brightens it and helps fight imperfections. It also takes care of proper hydration, supports the fight against free radicals and the first signs of aging. It is gentle - even for sensi..
£9.96 £16.60
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Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
Intended for mature skin, with imperfections, discolorations, uneven color, oily, mixed. Tones, stimulates the skin to renew. Used regularly, it supports the reduction of discoloration and imperfections. Contains 3% AHA glycolic acid, which brightens and smoothes the skin and gently exfoliates. Used..
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Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
*FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLYIntended use: mature skin with signs of aging, atopic dermatitis, care for rosacea and inflammatory acne, ultrasensitive skin, red, irritated (e.g. by aggressive anti-acne therapies), dysfunctional, very dry, disturbed hydrolipid barrier, overactive, delicate, dry, dehydrat..
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Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
Bielenda Professional Ultra Hydrating Face Toner Aqua Porine & TrehaloseIntended for:all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated skin.Active ingredients: Lactic Acid, Sodium Lactate, Trehalose, BetaineDUO AQUA PORIN - Salicornia herbacea extract (salt marsh plant living in coasta..
Ex Tax:£11.62
Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
Intended for: all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated skin.Active ingredients: Ceramides, Phytosterols, Linoleic Acid and Linolenic Acid extracted from Kukui Nut Oil, Linoleic Acid extracted from Passiflora Oil, Duo AQUAPorin, Trehalose, Betaine.Action: • intensive and long-lasting mo..
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Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
* FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY A product with a brightening, brightening and moisturizing effect and revitalizing the skin, which after application turns into a sheet of water on the skin, thanks to which it is luminous and looks as if gently brushed with water.Active ingredients :Brightening..
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Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
* FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY Gel cream that gives an immediate, noticeable effect and a noticeable tension effect. The fast-absorbing formula does not burden the skin.Active ingredients :Tightening Complex, Pullulan, Brightening Peptide, Tetra Vit-C.Action:noticeably tightens th..
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Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
It has a smoothing effect, reduces the signs of aging, improves firmness, elasticity, helps reduce wrinkles, as well as nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Contains 3 types of specially selected peptides in effective concentrations.Skin firming | Optical smoothing of wrinklesTRIPLE PEPTIDE C..
£7.61 £12.68
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Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
A light peptide firming cream that meets the needs of mature skin or skin with the first wrinkles. It smoothes and gently tightens the skin, prevents wrinkles and helps reduce existing ones, improves firmness and elasticity, and also has a nourishing and revitalizing effect. Recommended for day and ..
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