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Whether you need a hair treatment or just shampoo, we have you covered. Our shampoos are all great quality and will leave your hair feeling amazing

Brand: L'biotica Available: In Stock
HORSETAIL & VITAMIN B COMPLEXDiet supplement - 30 softgel capsulesL'biotica, a specialist in hair care, has created a unique range of diet supplements to help you bring out the natural beauty from within...
£4.59 Ex Tax:£4.59
Brand: Joanna Available: In Stock
Comprehensive 3-in-1 shampoo and shower gel has a fresh, manly scent and provides excellent refreshment and cleansing of the hair, face and body. Its specially-designed formula, enriched with hydromanil, a natural moisturizer, as well as nourishing allantoin, soothes irritation and and ensure optima..
£1.89 Ex Tax:£1.89
Brand: Joanna Available: In Stock
Detoxifying shower gel with a subtle manly scent guarantees excellent refreshment and cleansing of your body, hair and face. The unique formula of the product includes activated charcoal, known for its cleansing and detoxifying effect. Enriched with allantoin and pro vitamin B5, it helps to soothe i..
£2.19 Ex Tax:£2.19
Brand: Farmona Available: In Stock
Radical Med Anti Hair Loss Ampoule Treatment for MenA specialist new generation product for weakened and falling out hair. A specially composed, original formula, rich in extremely strong, highly concentrated and innovative active substances - Horsetail extract, Pro-Hair Booster 4H, Tricho..
£10.99 Ex Tax:£10.99
Brand: Farmona Available: In Stock
Stress, poor diet, past illnesses, improper hair care or androgenetic alopecia. Radical Med Treatment in ampoules stimulating hair growth perfectly nourishes the scalp, stimulating the hair follicles to produce a healthy, strong hair. It is also an ideal thickening treatment for thin and slow growin..
£11.99 Ex Tax:£11.99
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