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Without the right tools the best makeup can still look sloppy, that's why we sell only the best tools and accessories to make sure you always look amazing.

Brand: AA Oceanic Available: In Stock
Product Description Professional depilation tweezers made of stainless steel - in an elegant, golden color. The obliquely pointed tips allow accurate grip on even the smallest hair, and the ergonomic shape ensures comfortable use. The tweezers have a practical, reusable, silicone zipper.U..
£3.99 Ex VAT: £3.33
Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
Reusable, washable heaband for cosmetic treatments 1pcs..
£1.99 Ex VAT: £1.66
Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
Composition:an alloy of the rare elements from the Earth, neodymium with iron and boron. The latest small and strong magnets.Action:- deeply hyperemic and nourishing- for pain relief- anti-inflammatory- anti-oedematous- reassuring- increases tissue respiration processes- stimulates and improves chem..
£1.79 Ex VAT: £1.49
Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
Intended for:superfoods peel off gel mask..
£2.59 Ex VAT: £2.16
Brand: L'biotica Available: In Stock
Turban for hair increasing the effectiveness of care cosmetics. Thanks to excellent thermal insulation, it ensures constant temperature during hair treatments - masks, conditioners and oils show more effective and more intense activity.The excellent thermal insulation provided by the materi..
£5.29 Ex VAT: £4.41
Brand: Delia Available: In Stock
END DATE: JULY 2021A sponge nail polish remover is an innovative way to remove nail polish. Thanks to the content of active glycerin, it oils and protects the nail plate, strengthening and giving it a natural shine.A convenient dispenser prevents leakage of the cleaner...
£1.69 £0.99 Ex VAT: £0.83
Brand: Delia Available: In Stock
END DATE: 08.2021Active glycerine and provitamin B5 strengthens and nourishes the nail, giving it a beautiful, natural glow...
£1.29 £1.03 Ex VAT: £0.86
Brand: DERMOFUTURE Available: In Stock
The sonic brush for cleaning the face gently removes impurities and makeup residues from the skin of the face, provides a gentle massage, allows you to unblock pores, strengthens blood vessels. It is ten times more effective than traditional face washing..
£19.99 Ex VAT: £16.66
Brand: Donegal Available: In Stock
Brush for applying blush, bronzer and highlighter. The uniqueness of the brush is based on an extremely soft bristle, whose closed structure allows for economic use of cosmetics. Velvet bristle is very delicate for your skin. Size: 15,5 cm...
£3.59 Ex VAT: £2.99
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