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Brand: Bioliq Available: In Stock
Strengthens vascular skin. Reduces redness and irritation. Supports the reconstruction of the skin's protective barrier.Concentrated extract from Vaccinium macrocarpon fruit reduces the permeability of blood vessels and strengthens their walls. Vitamins C and E, phenolic compounds and niacin con..
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Brand: REGENERUM Available: In Stock
Intensively hydrates and regenerates heels, ensuring softness and smoothness, and elasticises the skin, protecting it from cracking.intensively hydrates and nourishes the dry skin of the heels regenerates the cracked and damaged skin protects from cracking protects the skin from drying out..
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Brand: Vitamins & Supplements Available: In Stock
Rutinacea Junior PLUS syrup containing natural fruit juices and, additionally, elderberry extract, is intended for children over 3 years of age. The content of vitamin C supports the proper functioning of the immune system and protects cells against free radicals.Rosehip extract supports the im..
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Brand: Bielenda Available: In Stock
I am a natural, gel for washing bodies and hairs that will work perfectly for daily care of children and infants from the first days of life. I was created on the basis of a natural, vegan formula, I only contain safe, natural ingredients for the delicate skin of babies.HOW TO USE ME?Moisten the bab..
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Brand: BARWA Available: In Stock
a universal gift setRose hand cream is a unique hand care and SPA relaxation for your hands. The captivating scent of the rose will put you in a good mood, and the unique combination of shea butter, almond oil, fatty acids and a complex of vitamins deeply nourishes, moisturizes and regenerates dry s..
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Brand: BARWA Available: In Stock
Rose bar soap is based on a  plant base  that has been enriched with natural rosehip extract with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. ..
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Brand: BARWA Available: In Stock
Magia Ziół is a series based on recipes known for generations. It was created out of respect for tradition and with natural care in mind. The compositions contain Polish herbs that are known for their effective and versatile effects.Mint shampoo gives your hair healthy volume, lifting it at the ..
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Brand: BARWA Available: In Stock
SKIN ON Master micellar water is perfect for removing make-up and cleansing the face. The micelles contained in the water help to cleanse and moisturize the face well before the next stages of care. Component contained in the water washing is approved by Ecocert biodegradable, preservative-free and ..
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Brand: BARWA Available: In Stock
With natural rice extracts, without silicones and parabens, with biotin.The recipe is based on the beneficial effects of natural rice protein extract, which restores the vitality of hair fibers and reduces discoloration.The shampoo is inspired by a homemade treatment for rinsing dry and weakened hai..
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Brand: BARWA Available: In Stock
Nettle leaf extract contained in the conditioner, enriched with Rose Jericho extract, moisturizes weakened hair and reduces its greasiness. Specially adjusted pH closes the hair cuticle, adding shine and extending its freshness. The conditioner has an antistatic effect, prevents hair from tangling a..
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Brand: BARWA Available: In Stock
If you want to get a fresh and pleasant scent in your interior, it is worth trying perfumes from the Perfect House series. This combination of aromatic notes gives the interior an elegant and extremely refined scent.The perfume composition is a real twist of the following fragrance notes: carda..
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Brand: Household Products Available: In Stock
Based on a unique formula and optimal selection of ingredients, the gel perfectly copes with difficult dirt, dried stains as well as dust, dirt and current impurities. Its effectiveness is combined with a pleasant scent that lingers inside during cleaning...
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