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Our hair care products will be perfect for any of your hair care needs. So browse through our dyes, styling products, shampoos and conditioners below.
Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
Refreshing formula designed for oily hair. Based on natural plant extracts...
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Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: 2-3 Days
Regenerating protein and keratin conditionerIts task is to close the hair cuticle to protect the cortex against the adverse effects of external factors. It smoothes, moisturizes, adds shine and prevents tangling and static electricity thanks to the presence of silk and aloe. As a result of the..
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Brand: SESSIO Available: In Stock
The light yogurt texture of the mask covers your hair with a protective layer without weighing it down.Inulin smooths and softens the hair.Soya milk fills losses on hair surface, strengthens it and increases its resistance to damage.Perfect care for high porosity hair. ..
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Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
A shampoo which, thanks to the combination of innovative active ingredients, effectively inhibits hair loss and stimulates its growth. Thanks to the content of Procapil, it has a beneficial effect on anchoring the hair in the dermal papilla, and Tricorexina stimulates the renewal of hair cells and s..
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Joanna ULTRA COLOR BLOND  creamy  lightener  for whole hair
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Brand: Joanna Available: In Stock
Perfectly light and cool shade of blonde does not have to remain in the sphere of dreams! Ultra Color Blond creamy lightener is a unique, creamy formula that penetrates the structure of the hair, effectively lightens it up to 4 tones, while providing protection during bleaching. Thanks to a speciall..
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Brand: Eveline Available: In Stock
Hair growth mask for thin and weak hair. The product increases hair elasticity, prevents hair loss, stimulates microcirculation of the scalp, facilitates hair styling and combing of hair. What is more, it protects against external factors...
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Brand: L'biotica Available: In Stock
A revolutionary hairbrush, recommended and appreciated by professionals.The brush with ergonomic shape and innovative technology has been recognized as the best, innovative hairdressing product due to its unusual effects: - painlessly combs entanglement- it massages the scalp- it does not ..
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Joanna after cov19 therapy for hair loss shampoo 400ml
free gift!
Brand: Joanna Available: In Stock
SHAMPOO THERAPY FOR LOSING HAIR, tested on Covid-19 convalescents, obtained positive results confirming its effectiveness in improving the condition of hair after a disease.Shampoo with extract of:black turnipshorsetailcommon nettleVital Hair complexpanthenolvitamin PP, it is recommended for weakene..
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Brand: Joanna Available: Out Of Stock
Say stop to weak and thinning hair! Strengthen it and choose JOANNA Hair Therapy for falling hair.Hair Therapy shampoo is recommended for excessively falling out, volume-deprived hair.Thanks to the content of black turnip extract, field horsetail, and common nettle, as well as the unique Vit..
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JOANNA ULTRA COLOR  3 MIN Hair color-enhancing conditioner for silver and ash blond shades 100ml
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Brand: Joanna Available: In Stock
The coloring conditioner Joanna Ultra Color changes or refreshes the color of natural and dyed hair. An additional advantage of the product is that it does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide , so it does not overburden the hair. The colors can be mixed with each other and create a very bold, ..
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JOANNA HEMP Strengthening shampoo for hair falling out 400ml
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Brand: Joanna Available: In Stock
Hemp Strengthening shampoo for falling out hair, Shampoo with hemp seed extract and Vital Hair complex, as well as biotin and vitamin PP, is recommended for hair falling out and in need of strengthening. The product was tested on Covid-19 convalescents and obtained positive results confirming its ef..
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Brand: Jantar Available: In Stock
Jantar serum is based on an effective recipe and a unique approach to hair care. It is the fruit of a long tradition of using the extraordinary properties of amber. The serum provides an immediate effect of smooth, soft and easy-to-comb hair. The anti-frizz formula prevents frizz and facilitates..
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