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About the company
The multi-generational family enterprise was founded by János Kallós in 1978, in Budapest.

Their hair and body care products are all made to professional standards. Their extremely broad portfolio of products contains hundreds of innovative products developed in their own laboratories to ensure standards are kept as high as possible. Using their own manufacturing processes, high quality materials, and a keen eye on the design of their products they are able to keep ahead of the trends.

They offer products at 21st century standards and uniquely favorable prices.

Their success is proven by the fact that they are present in over 18 countries in Europe as well as America and Canada.

They've been the leader of professional hair care products in both Hungary and Romania due to their quality products at an affordable price.

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Caviar is one of the most valuable ingredients with a revitalizing effect. It contains highly concentrated vitamins, minerals, lipids and protein. Gently cleans, and at the same time using active ingredients - restores and restores the natural strength of the hair fibers. It gives them shine and sof..
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Nourishing Kallos Lab 35 Nourishing Hair Oil is intended for sensitive hair, exposed to harmful external factors, weakened by chemical treatments, prone to breaking, with split and dry ends.The oil provides strong hair reconstruction and deep hydrationThe product nourishes dry and prone to breaking ..
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The formula of the mask with bearing extract has been enriched with proteins, amino acids and vitamins that make the hair strong and easy to care for...
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Cream with bearing extract is a cream rich in proteins, amino acids and vitamins. It owes its action to the extract from animal bearings. Thanks to the special composition, the hair becomes strong and easy to care for. It is especially recommended for bleached, dry and brittle hair...
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