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About the company
Cosmetics for problematic skin.
The Pharmaceris brand offers safe specialist dermocosmetics that are specifically targeted to meet skincare needs and assist in the treatment of most common skin problems.

Pharmaceris dermocosmetics have been developed by a team of experts who, by combining dermatological solutions and advanced cosmetic formulas, have managed to obtain preparations capable of addressing a number of different problematic skin problems.

Their preparations contribute to developing comprehensive skin care programmes with proven effectiveness and safety. All of their formulas have been dermatologically tested, with some of them even clinically tested on patients suffering from skin problems, by independent research institutes and hospitals. experts develop cosmetics with the highest safety protocols in place.

All identified allergens are removed to make sure the products are as safe as can be for people with allergies.

Millions of loyal and satisfied consumers have already recognised the high effectiveness and safety of products sold under the Pharmaceris brand. The brand has also won recognition from medical specialists, such as dermatologists, paediatricians and pharmacists, gynaecologists and midwives, who all recommend it to their patients.

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With its ultra-light formula and advanced, broad spectrum filter technology the cream protects the skin on a number of levels.It provides protection from the harmful effects of UVA, UVB and HEV and helps reverse the damaged caused by IR.AntileuDNAprotect creates a strong protective barrier for the s..
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A specialized preparation based on the unique synergy of rosmarinic acid and thioproline, it fights the visible symptoms of vitiligo.The complex affects skin cells globally - it provides anti-free radical protection (patent No. 402105), protecting mitochondria, the dysfunction of which is one of the..
£19.99 Ex VAT: £16.66
Brand: PHARMACERIS Available: In Stock
A unique complex of rosmarinic acid and thioproline, with a patent for protection against free radicals, has a global impact on skin cells with vitiligo.It has an anti-inflammatory effect on IL-6 (patent pending) and protects mitochondria against oxidative damage.The action of active substances is a..
£17.99 Ex VAT: £14.99
Brand: PHARMACERIS Available: In Stock
Unique, highly concentrated cream contains 4% Niacinamide, a substance of lightening properties comparable to those of hydroquinone,* an active ingredient of lightening medical treatments.Niacinamide is a highly safe substance which effectively blocks melanin synthesis and its migration to the epide..
£17.29 Ex VAT: £14.41
Brand: PHARMACERIS Available: In Stock
A dermatological cream with a patent-protected composition has a corrective action on damaged epidermis.Intensively regenerates the skin with disturbed barrier function of the stratum corneum and thinning symptoms, e.g. after treatments, micro damage, irritation and abrasions.It has a documented str..
£14.99 Ex VAT: £12.49
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The preparation is intended for the preparation of daily emollient baths. In combination with water, it creates a delicate, milky, moisturizing washing emulsion.Effectively cleanses the body of impurities, helping to maintain the proper condition and functioning of the epidermis from the first day o..
£9.99 Ex VAT: £8.33
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Recommended for daily care of chronically dry and atopic skin.Recommended for problematic skin with dryness and various forms of eczema: atopic, contact, allergic, and psoriatic, as well as skin with increasing itchiness. Recommended as a care product for patients during and after dermatologica..
£27.00 Ex VAT: £22.50
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The rich consistency of the cream provides an adequate level of lubrication and moisture in the skin during severe changes.The formula creates a natural protective layer on the skin's surface, which protects against the intensification of troublesome skin changes and their recurrence.Highly concentr..
£24.29 Ex VAT: £20.24
Brand: PHARMACERIS Available: In Stock
Transparent matting powder was created for sensitive, oily skin. Light and delicate dermo-powder formula adjusts to the color of the foundation, ensuring an extremely durable natural make-up finish. Rice extract absorbs excess sebum, leaving the skin completely matte and extremely delicate...
£10.99 Ex VAT: £9.16
Brand: PHARMACERIS Available: In Stock
The gel effectively and gently cleanses the skin of the whole body, and thanks to its gentle formula, compatible with the physiological pH of the skin, it does not affect its hydrolipid balance.A specially selected, rich composition of active ingredients reduces the unpleasant feeling of tension, br..
£10.99 Ex VAT: £9.16