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They care for your beauty. Naturally and professionally

L'biotica is a company manufacturing cosmetics since 2005. Their products are developed in laboratories and manufacturing plants located in Poland. The L’biotica range of products is available in about 5 thousand pharmacies, in leading drugstore chains and pharmacies throughout the country.

Customers needs in mind

The company’s ambition and key goal is to deliver the highest quality care products.
Their components come from the region of the European Union and are subject to careful selection in terms of quality. In their modern laboratories, they make use of the wealth of nature and innovative technologies. They create fully safe and maximally effective formulations, which are then locked in aesthetic and functional bottles and jars.
We believe L’biotica products allow women (and men) to discover their natural beauty, pamper their senses with scents, colours and textures and, at the same time, effectively prevent them from the negative influence of civilisation on health and beauty. With their face, hair and body cosmetics. accompanying them in their daily care and supporting them in taking good care of themselves.


In all our activities, we are guided by responsibility, professionalism and expertise in cosmetology, hair care and supplementation. We listen closely to our Customers and spare no effort to make our products meet their expectations, in terms of both quality and price or availability. We are proud that L’biotica products win recognition and trust of Consumers who value high standards.
Being guided by the above-mentioned rules has already resulted in prestigious awards and titles granted to L’biotica, such as “The best in Poland” (“Najlepsze w Polsce”), “The Consumer’s Laurel” (“Laur Konsumenta”), “Consumer Quality Leader” (“Konsumencki Lider Jakości”), “Dynamic Company” (“Dynamiczna Firma”), and “Good Brand” ( “Dobra Marka” ).
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L'Biotica Biovax Cistus and Black Seed Shampoo cleanses the hair and makes it soft. The shampoo cares for the hair and makes it easy to comb, it has a vegan composition. As a result, the hair is fresh and pleasantly fragrant. Application:- Normal hair Usage method:- Soak the bar- Apply the shampoo..
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Biovax Prebiotic intensively regenerating mask for sensitive scalp 250 ml* Biolin P ™* Beta Glucan* NiacinamideIntensively regenerating treatment for dry hair and sensitive scalp with disturbed microbiome.Effects:- favorable pH of the scalp- regenerated,smooth strands- moistuurized, n..
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L'biotica, a company specializing in hair care, has created a unique series of dietary supplements that help bring out the natural beauty from within. Dietary supplement Biotna Mineral Complex by L'biotica is a supplement to the daily diet with vitamins and minerals necessary for our body. Biotin,..
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The dietary supplement contains vitamin A and vitamin E in combination with linseed oil. Linseed oil contains linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Vitamin A helps to maintain a healthy skin appearance and supports the proper metabolism of iron, and vitamin E helps protect cells against oxid..
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End of date: 07.2021..
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A mask in the form of a soaked fabric is a professional treatment that can be done at home. Mask with rosehip oil in the form of a fabric heavily soaked in serum with a high content of active ingredients. Effect on the skin:- improves skin elasticity and hydration- evens out the skin tone, ..
£4.59 Ex VAT: £3.83
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Rejuvenating & modelling multicream for every skin type. Provides the skin with multidirectional regeneration, visible rejuvenation and firmness improvement.Effects on skin:fast and effective regenerationsmoothing and improving the oval of the facestimulating collagen and elastin pr..
£6.99 Ex VAT: £5.83
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Rejuvenating and lifting eye cream - prevents the signs of aging and lightens the delicate skin around the eyes.Effects on skin:reduction of dark circles and puffinessvisible rejuvenation of the eye areaimprovement of skin firmness Snail filtrate - active substance, giving spectacular ..
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