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LUDWIK All in One Ultimate Power dishwasher tablets 30pcs

LUDWIK All in One Ultimate Power dishwasher tablets 30pcs
LUDWIK All in One Ultimate Power dishwasher tablets 30pcs
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Choose effective dishwasher tablets ,

Every dishwasher owner is aware that dishwasher tablets are mandatory products that we cannot omit if we want our dishes to shine and smell.

However, you do not have to add rinse aid and other detergents to it - all you need to do is reach for one effective product that contains all the ingredients necessary to achieve the effect of clean dishes.

This product can be All In One Ludwik dishwasher tablets in your homeLudwik All In One tablets Ludwik All In One tablets are a modern, extremely effective way to clean dishes, developed by the renowned Polish brand Ludwik.

This product will replace not only the existing dishwasher tablets that you used, but also, for example, rinse aid.

They contain enzymes that are activated at 30 degrees Celsius.

This will ensure effective removal of dirt and immaculate cleanliness of dishes and cutlery that you put in your dishwasher.

Protection for your dishes and dishwasher .

As a multifunctional product, All In One dishwasher tablets are designed not only to clean your dishes, but also to protect both them and your dishwasher.

Factors such as the addition of salt in their recipe makes Ludwik tablets soften hard water going into the dishwasher.

This, in turn, will be an effective protection for the device you use, because limescale will not settle in it.

However, dishes that will not be tarnished will also be protected.

Clean and shiny dishes .

You can't forget about one more issue that makes Ludwik All In One tablets so unique.

After cleaning, your dishes will shine in an effective way.

You will be able to use not only hygienic, but also beautiful-looking and always looking like new dishes.

This is possible thanks to the Active Oxy Plus Power formula.

It means the comprehensive action of alkaline agents, enzymes and active oxygen, which results in shiny dishes, free of traces of fat and burns.

In addition, you will save not only on dishwasher cleaners, but also on products for polishing dishes.


Sodium Carbonate  Sodium Citrate  Sodium Sulfate  Sodium Carbonate Peroxide  Cellulose  Sodium polyacrylate  Fatty Alcohol Alkoxylate  Disodium disilicate  Acrylic/sulphonic copolymer  Citric Acid  PEG-90  TAED  Aqua  Sodium Bicarbonate  silica  Glycerin  PEG-150  HEDP-4Na  Zinc Stearate  Cellulose Gum  Protease  parfum  Limonene  zinc acetate  Amylase  Benzotriazole  Colorant

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