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Awareness of the dangers of the polluted environment in which we live mobilizes us to reflect on our daily choices and care for a better future. The choices we make should therefore be important not only for us, our health and well-being, but also for the environment and the future of our planet. Following the trend of living in harmony with nature, more and more people are reaching for unprocessed, plant-based and ecological products. This also applies to the area of ​​daily care. Undeniably, our skin and hair need vitamins, minerals, fats and many other substances of natural origin to stay in good condition as long as possible.

Prickly pear hydrosol has a moisturizing and toning effect and regenerating. It has anti-wrinkle properties and delays the aging process. Firms and tones, stimulates the regeneration processes of the epidermis. During regular use, fine wrinkles and discoloration are less visible, skin tighter an..
£8.99 Ex VAT: £7.49
This oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the cactus prickly pear. It is one of the most expensive and effective prophylactic oils anti-aging. It is a valuable source of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and phytosterols. Intensively moisturizes, regenerates and soothes irritations. It..
£21.99 Ex VAT: £18.33
The fast-absorbing face cream is ideal for allergy-prone, dry and very tired-looking skin types. It delivers intensive moisture and protects the skin against pollution and too much sun exposure. Aloe vera, vitamin E and shea butter condition the skin for a supple feel. Ideal as a base for make-up...
£9.99 Ex VAT: £8.33
Natural creamy formula foams up nicely and is safe for all skin types. Contains mild cleansing agents to remove dirt and impurities without irritating even sensitive skin. With calendula extract for a soothing effect and lactic acid to help maintain optimal skin pH levels and keep the lipid barrier ..
£5.99 Ex VAT: £4.99
Hypoallergenic deep-cleansing treatment for oily and combination skin. With gentle yet effective particles of mineral-rich corundum to slough off dead skin and remove traces of impurities. Contains horsetail extract to soothe the skin, speed tissue regeneration and help minimize oil production. Regu..
£6.99 Ex VAT: £5.83
An exceptionally gentle and effective preparation that thoroughly cleanses the skin.It contains broad-leaved linden flower extract, which has a moisturizing and protective effect, increases elasticity and elasticity, and the skin's resistance to water loss. Moreover, this extract is recommended in e..
£5.99 Ex VAT: £4.99
Best before: 03.2021Aloe leaf pulp contains a lot of minerals, especially potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, vitamins A, C and group B. The effects of aloe are versatile. It supports the regeneration of the epidermis as well as removes its dead cells from the skin surface. Restores the acid-base b..
£7.99 Ex VAT: £6.66
Hydrolate is made of flower baskets. It contains a lot of biologically active substances. Calendula is a source of flavonoids, carotenoids and triterpene alcohols. Thanks to this, it neutralizes free radicals and slows down the aging process. Perfectly regenerates skin damage and supports reconstruc..
£7.99 Ex VAT: £6.66
Hydrolate contains cucumber juice, which has a high nutritional value and moisturizes. It improves skin metabolism and blood circulation. Anti-inflammatory, heals blemishes and the skin becomes delicate and smooth after application. Gently brightens discoloration. Cucumber hydrate is recommended for..
£7.99 Ex VAT: £6.66
Melissa has been described for centuries as a plant that "makes the heart happy." It is used both in medicine and in cosmetics. The preparations are made of leaves and shoots collected just before flowering. Has a calming effect. Used for skin care, it has a toning and anti-inflammatory effect. Supp..
£7.99 Ex VAT: £6.66
Deeply regenerating formula for skin prone to acne and blemishes. Normalizes sebum production, minimizes fine lines and visibly improves the complexion. Soothes irritation and alleviates symptoms of skin allergies. Contains drying oils that are non-greasy and fast-absorbing for lasting moisture with..
£17.19 Ex VAT: £14.33
Natural, nourishing lipstick with natural abrasive particles in the form of brown cane sugar. Such a peeling gently exfoliates and smoothes the lips perfectly. The composition of the lipstick contains evening primrose oil rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids with strongly regenerating prop..
£3.99 Ex VAT: £3.33
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