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Resibo was born out of need, because as a teenager and even later in life the founder had huge problems with her complexion. This is what made her interested in natural care. The first cosmetic - make-up remover oil - was created by trial and error, mixing as many as 60 different oils in 300 different formulas. Until one day she achieved the ideal - her cosmetic discovery of life. She shared it with my loved ones, pouring it into bottles and giving it to her sisters, mother and friends. When they used it up, they came back for more and wanted to buy it. It was then that she realized with her husband, who are running the company today, that there are certainly more interested people and there is a shortage of real cosmetics on the market. This is how Resibo was born.

Each, even the smallest, action that contributes to the protection of the environment is very important for Resibo as a brand that produces natural and vegan cosmetics.

That is why we try to carry out such activities in many ways and constantly. First of all, we pay attention to the method of obtaining raw materials for our cosmetics. It must be safe for the environment, at no stage have anything to do with animal ingredients or in any way disturbing their ecosystem. We confirm this with certificates such as Vegan or PETA Cruelty Free & Vegan, and we also obtain fair trade certificates from suppliers. We also make sure that Resibo packaging is at least biodegradable and can be reused, as well as allowing maximum use of the cosmetic inside, so that nothing is wasted. We have also started a process aimed at minimizing the use of plastic. From the beginning of Resibo's existence, we conduct environmental education among our clients and in our environment. Every year we take care of the forests - we clean them, because it is a home for animals whose welfare is so important to us.

We are currently implementing the #ekowyzowania project, which includes both clients, our employees and residents of Świdnica, where our headquarters are located. Its purpose is to encourage you to introduce even small changes in your everyday life that will reduce the use of plastic and water and air pollution. As part of the # eco-challenges that we run on our social media and inside the company, we promote and teach you how to sew reusable shopping bags, encourage you to drink tap water instead of bottled water, and prove that tap water is equally healthy, and maybe even healthier. All these activities also apply to our company inside, because we want to set an example and prove that even small steps matter. Our employees also set themselves challenges, which are then eagerly imitated by others. It is very happy. We still have a lot of plans in this regard, because #resibocares.

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FLOWER POWER deeply moisturizes, regulates the secretion of sebum, and intensely regenerates and soothes the skin. What is more, it stimulates collagen synthesis and lightens discolourations. Hydro cream will work for all skin types. Great for mature skin that is often dehydrated and prone to pimple..
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ABOUT THE PRODUCTThe illuminating face cream adapts perfectly to any complexion, creating a perfect surface on the skin, and at the same time cares for it. How did we achieve this effect? First of all, thanks to the pro-component, i.e. two types of very finely ground mica in warm and cool shades. Su..
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Resibo Peel My Way facial scrub-mask is your favorite multifunctional facial scrub, only in new packaging, with a new name and reduced capacity.Regular exfoliation helps the skin renew itself, so it is one of the most important steps in skin care. This creamy scrub and mask in one removes dead s..
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ABOUT THE PRODUCTThis rich essence contains everything that the skin needs not only for daily morning care, but also for preventing aging processes. Responsible for the exceptional effect of the essence pro ingredient - Early Boost PA, i.e. vegetable taurine obtained from Jania Rubens algae, which r..
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SELF LOVE. BB CREAM is a great option for everyday makeup, because you can add it without worrying that you will burden your skin.Additionally, it contains the mineral SPF 6 sunscreen...
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