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Aflofarm keep your health in mind. Their mantra is "With Health in Mind" staff do everything in their power to ensure that their research focuses on the health of their patients. They support health not just by making drugs, but also through research and development of pharmaceutical and medicinal projects, relations with the scientific community, or their Aflofarm Foundation, the main objective of which is to promote healthy living and the broad concept of prophylactics.

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Acti vita-miner Energy - a dietary supplement containing a set of vitamins and minerals enriched with caffeine, L-carnitine and ginseng root extract. The product is intended for adults.Composition:Filling agent: cellulose, ginseng root extract, caffeine, acetyl-L-camitine, glazing agent: hydroxy..
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DX2 anti hair loss − prevents excessive hair loss* −restores hair roots− strengthens weak hair − dermatologically tested DX2 anti hair loss shampoo contains Pronalen Fibro-ActifTM which extends hair grow phase to prevent hair loss. Properties extending hair vitality had been proven in in vitro ..
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DX2 shampoo against greying of dark hair - gradually restores hair natural, dark colour - NOT a hair dye - effect after 5 uses* - dermatologically tested DX2 shampoo against greying of dark hair contains plant extracts rich in phytopigments, which when used regularly gradually darken hair and ..
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disinfectants - licorice and cranberry extracts as well as aloe reduce the risk of infection;protective - lactic acid maintains acidic pH;soothing and soothing - licorice and cranberry extracts reduce inflammation and its symptoms: discharge, itching, burning and unpleasant smell;moisturizing - aloe..
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During pregnancy, women are particularly vulnerable to suffer from irritation and infections of their intimate areas, as well as hemorrhoids.Therefore, the hypoallergenic Iladian pregna intimate hygiene gel not only gently cleanses, but also contains ingredients with the following beneficial propert..
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MenMag dietary supplement containing magnesium for men.MenMag dietary supplement ingredients:help in the proper functioning of muscles. help in maintaining the proper level of testosterone in the blood. contribute to the maintenance of normal protein and glycogen metabolism. help in the p..
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Rutinacea Max D3 + garlic - dietary supplement in the form of tablets containing ingredients supporting the proper functioning of the immune system. The product is intended for adults.Ingredients L-ascorbic acid, bulking agent: sorbitols, corn starch, rutoside, bulking agent: mannitol, bitter o..
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