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HEALTHY HEART / STRONG BONES / EFFICIENT MINDCOMPOSITION OF 3 OILS:LEN / OSTROPEST / PARTYOMEGA 3 6 9Flax oil - Rich in Omega-3 acids, which are the basic building blocks of the body's cells and tissues, are necessary for the brain to work, support digestion. The oil soothes allergies and irritation..
£8.99 Ex VAT: £7.49
HEALTHY HEART / STRONG ORGANISM / EFFICIENT MINDCOMPOSITION OF 3 OILS:RAPE / PUMPKIN / PARTYOMEGA 3 6 9Rapeseed oil contains valuable ingredients for the body, including EFAs: linoleic (omega-6) and linolenic (omega-3). Both acids have a positive effect on the heart, the entire circulatory system, k..
£8.99 Ex VAT: £7.49
BEAUTIFUL HAIR / SKIN / NAILSCOMPOSITION OF 3 OILS:Flax / Evening Primrose / HempOMEGA 3 6 9+ VIT. EFlax oil helps reduce "bad" LDL cholesterol, increasing the "good" HDL ratio. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Evening primrose oil stimulates the growth of hair, skin and nail cells, impro..
£8.99 Ex VAT: £7.49
The unique composition of linseed oil, an increased amount of evening primrose and hemp oil up to 10% and the introduction of a new sea buckthorn oil ensure an optimal combination of healthy fats every day.It has an antioxidant effect and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. It has a ..
£16.99 Ex VAT: £14.16
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