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We are a Polish company operating in the beauty product industry since 1989.From the very beginning, we have been manufacturing professional cosmetics for the care, coloring and styling of hair on the basis of our own, original formulas. The narrow specialization allowed us to achieve expert-level experience which we use to create safe and effective products with the best possiblevalue-for-money balance.

Our R&D department creates innovative formulas whose effects are measured by modern trichological machines. Thanks to the professionalism of our specialists, we are the first Polish cosmetics company that introduced a series of hair dyes for hairdressing salons to the market. The quality of our production processes is confirmed by the implemented and certified ISO 9001:2015 and GMP systems.

Our active participation in international cosmetics and hairdressing fairs provides us with constant access to newest worldwide trends – they are our inspiration for designing shampoos, conditioners, dyes or treatments that improve hair condition. Our cosmetics are already appreciated by hair dressers in about 40 countries, and they have received numerous awards during international fairs, festivals and shows.

Brand: WARS Available: In Stock
Instantly soothing aftershave balm for sensitive and irritable skin. Instantly soothes and regenerates the skin after shaving, supports its natural protective barrier. It calms the skin and restores comfort after shaving...
£2.59 Ex VAT: £2.16
Brand: WARS Available: In Stock
A moisturizing after-shave balm for dry and dehydrated skin. Supports its natural protective barrier, soothes irritations caused by shaving. It leaves the skin soft and well moisturized. It absorbs quickly. Gentle on sensitive skin...
£2.59 Ex VAT: £2.16
Brand: WARS Available: In Stock
Extremely mild, refreshing formula of the lotion enriched with vitamin C complex and plant complex instantly brings relief, eliminating the feeling of dryness and tightness. Thanks to its delicate texture, the product is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy film on the skin. Additionally, it so..
£2.59 Ex VAT: £2.16
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