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Sweet Secret

Sweet Secret

An indescribable sweetness that you don't have to deny yourself. Moments of forgetfulness that can last forever. Imagine a day that smells like chocolate with chili and fruit. At the same time, your body gets everything it needs.

Sweet Secret cosmetics use captivating fragrances that are prepared for women who require daily, pampering care. Hence the combination of sweet chocolate with a hint of chili and fruit, the relaxing aroma of vanilla enriched with a pinch of cardamom and oriental saffron or energizing orange with caramel and cinnamon.

These three intriguing and sophisticated fragrance notes are enriched with effective active ingredients, guaranteeing that they're pleasurable while still being nourishing and moisturising. They perfectly care for the skin, improving its condition and appearance.

Sweet Secret cosmetics are a combination of skin care and supplementation of the skin with vitamins and minerals to keep it properly functioning.
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Hybrid Sweet Secret Body Oil , thanks to its rich formula containing as much as ¼ of the care lotion, washes, smoothes and delicately nourishes the skin without drying it out. Vanilla milk and saffron extract perfectly moisturize, and the precious argan oil improves skin elasticity and delays the ag..
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The nourishing body scrub Sweet Secret, rich in nutria-oils, delicately oils and cares for the skin. Cocoa bean extract intensely nourishes, lime extract and raspberry oil smooth and improve elasticity, and cane sugar crystals remove dead epidermis cells, making the body delightfully soft, delicate ..
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The nourishing hybrid body cream Sweet Secret gradually releases its active ingredients, ensuring an intense 24-hour effect. It is a source of skin supplementation with vitamin E and magnesium, therefore it delays the aging process and restores the skin's healthy appearance. Cocoa bean extract long-..
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