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SUPREMELAB was created by Bielenda as a solution that lots of women have, not finding the right skincare product for their skin. SUPREMELABs goal was skincare with specific formulas to treat all types of skin.

SUPREMELAB create formulas for every skin type, meaning you get a formula that's perfect for you!

Their range of face creams, face scrubs, serums, and tonics are each formulated for specific skin types, so you can ensure all skin types are cared for.

Combining minerals and vitamins to create unique facial products means SUPREMELAB have a truly special range of products. Their products have a high concentration of their active ingredients, meaning the effects work fast.

They use modern techniques to perfectly balance their active ingredients to do what they need without damaging the skin.

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Delicate tonic that restores the skin's proper pH, soothes and cares for optimal hydration. Contains ingredients known for their beneficial, regenerative effects.ACTION:Aloe - strongly regenerating and soothing, soothes irritations, has an antioxidant effectTurmeric - a strong antioxidant, has anti-..
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Cream with revitalizing, energizing and anti-aging properties. It supports the skin's protective processes, making it soft to the touch and smooth. Increases skin elasticity and firmness. The cream delays the aging process thanks to the content of caffeine, rice proteins and vitamin E. The formula i..
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A serum that instantly soothes, smoothes and moisturizes the skin. Improves the appearance of the complexion in the blink of an eye. Used regularly, it restores the balance of dysfunctional skin, strengthens, reduces the susceptibility to irritation, supports regeneration processes, protects against..
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Extremely gentle on the skin, a creamy cleanser that effectively cleanses and refreshes, while leaving the skin soothed and moisturized. It contains only mild washing substances supported by a complex of soothing, nourishing and moisturizing substances.EFECT:➔ Strong soothing and soothing of irrita..
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Cream that meets the needs of mature skin or the first wrinkles. The combination of three types of advanced peptides - Nutripeptides®, Argireline ™ and Syn®-Coll with natural oils Tsubaki and Chia makes the cosmetic smoothen the skin, prevent wrinkles and help reduce existing ones, improve firmness ..
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Regenerating body and hand balm with ceramides for all skin types, especially for dry, dry, dehydrated, thin, sensitive and tight skin. The balm is a multi-task cosmetic, restores skin comfort, eliminates the feeling of roughness and dryness. It is a base, highly moisturizing and nourishing care for..
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Creamy face cleansing paste with White Clay is a product aimed at very thorough washing of the skin without drying it at the same time. Its base is Kaolin, i.e. white clay with excellent cleansing, refreshing, but also calming and regenerating properties. The paste also contains a mild washing subst..
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Micellar jelly for removing make-up is a 2-in-1 cosmetic that can be used as both the first and the second stage of cleansing. It works perfectly as a make-up remover, but you can also use it to wash your face - both in the morning and in the evening. It has a very pleasant texture and is gentle on ..
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A versatile and universal cosmetic - a real elixir of happiness for your skin. It has a lighter (although still strongly moisturizing!) Consistency than a cream. The stars in its formula are ingredients of the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF, Natural Moisturizing Factor). They occur naturally in th..
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Nourishing, rich cream, the first violin is played by the components of intercellular cement - available for the required action and reconstruction of the skin barrier.The cream provides deep, night regeneration and regeneration. The skin becomes moisturized, soft, supple, soothed and more resistant..
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Barrier Renew is a nourishing, strongly regenerating and moisturizing line that supports the reconstruction of a healthy skin barrier. It is intended for dry, dehydrated, delicate, thin, dry skin (including external factors). It is also suitable for combination skin, additionally dehydrated, e.g. w..
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