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Brand: REGENERUM Available: In Stock
REGENERUM face regenerating serum even for very dry and sensitive skinIntensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin, accelerating the regeneration and providing immediate smoothing effect.transparent structure, which works like a compress, accelerates the regeneration of the cells immed..
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Brand: REGENERUM Available: In Stock
Intensively hydrates and regenerates heels, ensuring softness and smoothness, and elasticises the skin, protecting it from cracking.intensively hydrates and nourishes the dry skin of the heels regenerates the cracked and damaged skin protects from cracking protects the skin from drying out..
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Brand: REGENERUM Available: Out of Stock
Intensively cares for and regenerates eyelashes and eyebrows,making them longer, thicker and visibly stronger.Serum consists of two precisely prepared formulas:Serum with eyeliner to use on the lash line (4 ml)accelerates eyelash growththickens the structure of the hairshas a soothing and calmi..
£8.99 Ex VAT: £7.49
Brand: REGENERUM Available: In Stock
Strengthens, nourishes and protects the nail, preventing it from splitting, brightens discolorations and softens the skin around the nails.Serum can be used periodically as a treatment or throughout the year, depending on individual needs.The product should be applied after cleansing the nail(w..
£5.49 Ex VAT: £4.58
Brand: REGENERUM Available: In Stock
Even for very dry and chapped lipsSoftens and smooths out the lips, bringing instant relief, intensively nourishes, hydrates and protects.What it does:Regenerates even very dry skin of the lips, bringing reliefHydrates and nourishesFirms and elasticisesProvides protection from the sun (SPF 15)Protec..
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REGENERUM regenerative nail polish serum 8ml
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Brand: REGENERUM Available: Out of Stock
REGENERUM regenerative nail polish serum intended for even very brittle and fragile nailsStrengthens and rebuilds the nail plate, increasing its resistance to damage.intensively strengthens and seals the plate, thus protecting it from cracking and splitting moisturizes and makes the nails ..
£5.49 Ex VAT: £4.58
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