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Bioliq have the perfect beauty products for all ages.

Serums and cleansers that will help revitalize your skin.

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Actively reduces and brightens hyperpigmentation changes, balancing skin colour.The serum is recommended for reducing discoloration of various origin, e.g. sun spots, post-acne marks, as well as age-induced changes, or changes caused by disturbed hormone function.The serum active ingredients reduce ..
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Brand: Bioliq Available: In Stock
It effectively cleanses the skin of the face. It has a delicate formula that thoroughly and thoroughly removes all impurities from the surface of the skin.A soft brush reaches hard to reach places, enhancing the effect of cleansing.Massage with a silicone brush cleanses the skin, providing the effec..
£8.99 Ex VAT: £7.49
Brand: Bioliq Available: In Stock
Ensures long-lasting sweating protection. Nurtures the skin and alleviates irritations caused by depilation.Constitutes an effective sweating protection, ensuring long-lasting sensation of freshness and comfort for even up to 48 h. Fights bacteria, creating a barrier against unpleasant smell.Contain..
£5.29 Ex VAT: £4.41
Brand: Bioliq Available: In Stock
Reduces visible imperfections. Provides a matting effect. It also soothes irritations.Effectively reduces visible imperfections, clearly improving the appearance of oily, mixed, and acneic skin. It contains olive tree (Olea europaea) leaf extract, which inhibits the activity of 5α-reductase, regulat..
£3.29 Ex VAT: £2.74
Brand: Bioliq Available: In Stock
Stimulates skin cell regeneration. Ensures an immediate lifting effect and smoothens even deep wrinkles.The active treatment contains ingredients that effectively stimulate intracellular skin regeneration processes. Additionally, the brush-tip tube provides a gentle face and neck massage, firming th..
£7.59 Ex VAT: £6.33
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Intensively moisturizes and elasticizes the skin and reduces wrinkles.Eliminates the signs of fatigue.Gently massages the skin and has pleasant cooling is easy and convenient to useit has a massaging rollerball applicatorthe applicator has cooling effectsthe serum does not roll under make..
£7.99 Ex VAT: £6.66
Brand: Bioliq Available: In Stock
Intensive and long-term moisturization. Reduces roughness, tense sensation, and grey, sallow colour of the skin, as well as fine lines caused by dehydration. The concentrated serum formula ensures intensive and deep skin moisturization. The effects are instant and long-lasting. Controls the moistu..
£8.99 Ex VAT: £7.49
Brand: Bioliq Available: In Stock
Intensive skin revitalization. Effectively moisturizes and nourishes, has anti-aging effects. Ensures radiance and glow.Effects Intensive skin revitalization The serum ensures multi-directional skin revitalization: actively regenerates, moisturizes, and nourishes the skin, as well as clearly smoot..
£9.59 Ex VAT: £7.99
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