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Naturell started creating supplements and vitamins originally to help with the cold and dark Swedish climate. With long dark winters getting vitamin D as well as other vitamins can be difficult. With a focus on quality and lots of time researching the best proportions for maximum intake of multiple vitamins their range grew.

With over half a century of development involving all forms of vitamins including liquid iron, natural vitamin B from yeast, Omega-3 acid, and even the first toothpaste with Floride, they're a company to be trusted.

With modern life meaning lots of us don't have the time to eat as healthily as we'd like supplements are a must. We often stress drink tea and coffee and make quick meals that are filling but not always as nutritious as we'd hope.

Naturell vitamins and supplements are all easily absorbed by your body, giving it the vitamins you're missing out on and helping you feel, look, and be better!

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Zinc is present in all cells of the body, where it performs catalytic, building and regulatory functions.Zinc also has an effect on the immune system, it strengthens the immune response and modulates the production, maturation and activity of leukocytes.Vitamin C supports the proper functioning of t..
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