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LUDWIK COLOR and BLACK washing gel 1.5L

LUDWIK COLOR and BLACK washing gel 1.5L
LUDWIK COLOR and BLACK washing gel 1.5L
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Ludwik gel for washing colored and black fabrics .

We present the universal Ludwik fabric washing gel, which can be used for both black and colored fabrics.

It is an extremely versatile product suitable for washing in all types of washing machines as well as for hand washing.

Ludwik gel for washing colored and black fabrics has a special formula that protects clothes against color loss.

This makes the fabrics retain their original colors and look like new for longer.

Are you looking for a laundry product that perfectly copes with the removal of various types of stains and dirt on clothes?

Gel for washing colored and black fabrics from Ludwik is a real specialist in the field of effective removal of dirt from clothes.

Gel for washing colored and black fabrics - effective and safe for your clothes In the category of washing agents, there are separate products for white, colored and black fabrics.

Which one to choose when washing clothes of different colors?

The Ludwik brand has developed a versatile washing gel that is suitable for both colored and black fabrics.

Ludwik universal gel for washing colored and black fabrics is an excellent choice if you have a large amount of multi-colored clothes and want to keep them in the best possible condition for a long time.

This reliable product will make it easier to separate clothes before washing and guarantee effective removal of stains from different colored fabrics.

The agent has been dermatologically tested, which ensures safe use.

What products you use to wash your clothes has a key impact on their durability and appearance.

The Ludwik brand has created a full range of agents with highly effective action, which perfectly cope with the removal of dirt, and at the same time care for the preservation of fabrics in good condition for a long time.

Choose proven Ludwik washing agents and make sure that the clothes you buy can last as long as possible!


 Aqua  Sodium Laureth Sulfate  LAURETH-7  Urea  Sodium chloride  Sodium cocoate  Cocamide DEA  Propylene glycol  Parfum  Fosfonic acid, salt  Sodium polyacrylate  Tetrasodium EDTA  1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone, 1-vinylimidazol  Phenoxyethanol  DMDM Hydantoin  Undeceth-5  Butylphenyl Methylpropional  metylparaben  Caprylyl Pyrrolidone  Citronellol  Protease  Amylase  Undecyl Alcohol  propylparaben  C11-15 SEC-PARETH-12  4-Formylphenylboronic acid  Lipase  Cellulase  Colorant  Sodium lauryl sulfate

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