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Antiperspirants that feel great on your skin! Stop excessive sweating and feel fresh again!

Brand: Etiaxil Available: In Stock
Etiaxil Comfort for delicate and sensitive skinMild skin careIt contains the Comfort skin protection and care system (Cpx), thus minimizing the risk of irritation and ensuring comfort of use.Full control of sweat and odorExtra effective formula reduces sweat and odor.Highly effective for 3-5 daysAn ..
£10.99 Ex VAT: £9.16
Brand: Etiaxil Available: In Stock
Etiaxil Strong for Strongest ProtectionStrong Formula Most effective action against excessive sweatingLong-lasting effectiveness Up to 5 day protection against sweat and smell.Long-lasting comfort Patented formula ensure dry skin, providing freshness and comfort ..
£10.99 Ex VAT: £9.16
Brand: Ziaja Available: In Stock
We recommend a deodorant without aluminum salt. It contains the essence of green olive leaves as well as bacteriostatic substances that neutralize the smell of sweat. It gives a feeling of freshness. It does not irritate. Does not stain clothes, regardless of color.Type:deodorantsUsage method:Use fo..
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