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Treat yourself to a Hair Mask, leaving your hair feeling luxurious while increasing its health and look, with so many options to pick from there's the perfect mask for you.

Brand: Joanna Available: In Stock
The hair mask intensively nourishes and regenerates especially damaged areas of the hair, visibly smoothing, strengthening, and eliminating frizz. It gives hair the softness, smoothness, and wonderful glow desired by all women. With the mask, your hair will be:Nourished and strengthened Regener..
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Brand: BARWA Available: In Stock
Nourishing hair mask with black turnip extract cares for weakened hair prone to dandruff. The mask is intended especially for the care of weakened hair and dandruff. Effectively rebuilds the hair structure, makes it more elastic and nourishes the hair follicles. Moisturizes and rebuilds the hair str..
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Brand: BARWA Available: In Stock
Hair mask with extract of young horsetail shoots restores shine to the hair and strengthens it. The compounds of silicon, potassium and calcium contained in Horsetail strengthen it and stimulate the hair follicles to grow back faster. The keratin contained in the mask regenerates damaged hair and ca..
£5.49 Ex VAT: £4.58
Brand: BARWA Available: In Stock
The nourishing lavender hair mask is intended primarily for the care of oily hair. The mask facilitates detangling the hair, improves its condition and appearance. Thanks to the creatinine content, the hair is elastic, moisturized and more resistant to damage...
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Brand: SESSIO Available: In Stock
At home, it is simply mixing your favorite hair mask with jelly or gelatin. The mask prepared in this way settles on the hair cuticles, covering it with a protective, smoothing film. If you prefer simpler methods or want to be vegetarian, ready-made masks - hair jellies with a laminating effect - c..
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Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: Out of Stock
* 12 In 1 Keratin Hair Spray Mask - No Rinse - an Innovative product with Immediate Effect, in the Foam of Mask, no Rinse. Enriched with Argan Oil and Keratin for complex Care of Most Demanding Hair.* Regenerates Damaged Hair, Moisturizes Dry Hair, Nourishes, Gives Elasticity and Flexibility * Faci..
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Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
An innovative product with immediate effect in the form of a no-rinse mask. Enriched with sweet almond oil and keratna, bamboo and noni extracts for a comprehensive quality, even the most linear.1 - Moisturizes Dry Hair2 - Strengthens Weakened Hair3 - Rebuilds Damaged Hair4 - Adds Elasticity and Fle..
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Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
*Repairing and nourishing Mask for Dry and Damaged Hair. Complex Deeply Conditioning and Repairing Hair.*Keratin Penetrates the Hair cuticle repairing Hair Structure leaving it Soft and Shiny. Silk Protein Nourishes, Moisturise, adds Shine and Softness, creates a Protective Film on the Hair.*Anti-ag..
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Brand: Harmonia Available: Out of Stock
An excellent mask designed for the care of dry and high porosity hair. The aloe vera contained in the mask is known for its moisturizing properties. Additionally, it soothes scalp irritations and has anti-inflammatory properties. Grape extract protects against the harmful effects of free radicals an..
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