Acne & Spots

Acne & Spots


BIELENDA PROFESSIONAL Magnetic enzymatic face scrub, 150g


BIELENDA PROFESSIONAL Normalizing & mattifying face cream, 100ml


BIELENDA PROFESSIONAL Soothing face mask with zinc, 150g


BIELENDA PROFESSIONAL Antibacterial face mask with green clay, 150g


BIELENDA PROFESSIONAL Face algae mask with green clay, 260g


PHARMACERIS, Deeply cleansing foam face cleansing foam RESTORES HYDRO-BALANCE OF THE SKIN PURI-SEBOSTATIC, 150ml


PHARMACERIS, bacteriostatic solution for the face, décolletage and back 3% mandelic acid SEBO-ALMOND-CLARIS, 190ml


PHARMACERIS, Normalizing toner for the face PURI-SEBOTONIQUE, 200ml


PHARMACERIS, Antibacterial micellar solution cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes SEBO-MICELLAR, 200ml


PHARMACERIS, Anti-acne night cream for adults pureRETINOL 0.3, 40ml


PHARMACERIS, Moisturizing and soothing face cream SPF 30 for use during and after anti-acne treatments SEBO-MOISTATIC, 50ml


PHARMACERIS, Night cream with 5% mandelic acid 1st degree of exfoliation SEBO-ALMOND PEEL 5%, 50ml

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