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About the company
We are a Polish company operating in the beauty product industry since 1989.

From the very beginning, we have been manufacturing professional cosmetics for the care, colouring and styling of hair on the basis of our own, original formulas. The narrow specialization allowed us to achieve expert-level experience which we use to create safe and effective products with the best possible

value-for-money balance and and natural hair colours which are perfect for all customers.

Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
A SLES-free formula with mild natural washing ingredients effectively cleanses the hair and scalp without causing irritation.Amino acids fill and reconstruct cavities in the hair’s cortex, preventing breakage and increasing resistance to mechanical damage.Hyaluronic acid deeply m..
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Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
Gently and thoroughly removes hair dye stains left on the skin after hair colouring.Safe for skin, dermatologically tested.Apply the liquid on a cotton pad, then carefully wipe the dirty places several times. After removing the dirt, wash the skin with water...
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Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
For complete colour removal from colour-treated hair without damaging its natural pigment.It can be used to completely remove the colour or just to slightly correct it; you can dye your hair again immediately after the treatment.Mild formula – does not contain ammonia or hydrogen..
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Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
It gives a delicate, pastel pink shade to blond hair, strenghtens and refreshes the colour of previously dyed hair.It protects the color of the hair, prevents its tarnishing and gives it bounce and shine.The colour result depends on the initial hair colour, its condition and time ..
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It allows to get a cold pastel – pink colour on blond and light blond hair, while it gives a delicate, raspberry glow to darker and unbleached hair.It gives an immediate but washable effect. The intensity of the colour increases after each use of the shampoo.To intensify the effect..
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Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
*Repairing and nourishing Mask for Dry and Damaged Hair. Complex Deeply Conditioning and Repairing Hair.*Keratin Penetrates the Hair cuticle repairing Hair Structure leaving it Soft and Shiny. Silk Protein Nourishes, Moisturise, adds Shine and Softness, creates a Protective Film on the Hair.*Anti-ag..
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Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
Liquid keratin without rinsing is an excellent light product designed for the care of dry and dull hair. Keratin has excellent regenerating and conditioning properties. It penetrates deep into the hair, rebuilds it from the inside and fills in defects in its structure. It protects hair against the h..
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Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
Moisturizing mask recommended for dry, brittle hair and hair with split ends. It contains amino acids that have intensely moisturizing properties. Active ingredients restore hair strength and vitality. The soy proteins present in the mask as well as algae and passion fruit extracts help to maintain ..
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Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
Recommended for thin and limp hair. Formulated to create distinct volume and dimension. Contains wheat proteins and cotton seed extract which boost flexibility and vitality. Makes the hair ease to comb and detangle. Does not weigh the hair down. Mango extracts moisturizes the hair providinghealt..
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Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
A shampoo which, thanks to the combination of innovative active ingredients, effectively inhibits hair loss and stimulates its growth. Thanks to the content of Procapil, it has a beneficial effect on anchoring the hair in the dermal papilla, and Tricorexina stimulates the renewal of hair cells and s..
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Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
Provides protection for the term of protection when modeling with a straightener or dryer. It gives the hair a silky smoothness and shine, helps to tame disobedient strands. Provides the right level of hair hydration thanks to provitamin B5. UV filters present in the preparation protect the hair aga..
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Brand: PROSALON PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
CHANTAL ProSalon Intensis Mask MOISTURE - Moisturizing mask 1000 g This mask is intended for dry, brittle hair and hair with split ends. Intensively moisturizes the hair thanks to the presence of soy proteins. Algae extract has a smoothing effect, facilitates detangling and makes the hair more susce..
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