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Certified Natural, Vegan Approved, Traditional natural & organic cosmetics based on the herbal recipes of Dr. Konopka.

Dr. Konopka was a pharmacist with a passion for natural products. He dedicated his life to learning about how herbs and plants could be used in his pharmacy formulations. Initially he created a cream with a wound healing effect, which contained extracts of 48 valuable herbs. The first users were so impressed with the instantaneous effect of the cream that it was named “Dr. Konopka’s wonder cream”.

Dr. Konopka’s family have carefully collected and kept the recipes of invigorating balms, infusions and ointments and have passed those from generation to generations. 

Brought to us by the owners of Natura Siberica, we could instantly see the appeal of this traditional, pharmacy born range of face, hair and body care products.

We felt Dr. Konopka would enable us to offer a branded range of certified natural products, which comprise of a similar breadth and depth of choice as Natura Siberica, yet with more of a pharmacy channel appeal.

Why do we love it?

Old fashioned apothecary style packaging, with unique little twists, make the Dr. Konopka range extremely lovable and shopable. There is a remedy for every occasion, all approved by the Vegan Society and certified natural to COSMOS standards. The family sized shampoo and conditioner bottles have a particular following in our offices! 

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