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Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
End of date: 11.2021Indication for treatment:Discolorations of various origin, uneven skin tone, small wrinkles, uneven skin texture, excessive sebum secretion, acne.ActionReduces discolorations, evens out skin tone, slows down skin aging processes, normalizes sebum secretion, reduces inflammation.R..
£66.39 Ex VAT: £55.33
BIELENDA PROFESSIONAL Ferul-X- Depigmentation, brightening & anti-aging treatment
Coming Soon!
Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: Out of Stock
Visible results after the first treatment:Hyperpigmentation lighteningSkin tone improvement brighteningRejuvenation, flexibility and firmness of the skinSkin smoothing, reducing imperfectionsRevitalization, soothing, strengtheningSet contains:5x mask- step 15x mask- step 25x mask- step 3..
£68.99 Ex VAT: £57.49
Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
Power of Nature – Detoxifying-regenerating treatment set- Snail slime extract & activated carbonIntended for: Gray, under-oxygenated skin, with impurities, having frequent contact with urban contamination. Skin requiring regeneration, including skin after intensive exfoliation treatments and/or ..
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Brand: FARMONA PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
Our skin is exposed to many unfavorable factors every day, such as environmental pollution, air-conditioned rooms, stress, UV radiation, and cigarette smoke.An ideal response to its needs is the comprehensive ANTI POLLUTION line, which uses the latest discoveries in cosmetology. The line is based on..
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Brand: FARMONA PROFESSIONAL Available: In Stock
A professional line designed for the care of skin with discoloration, based on a comprehensive approach to skin lightening. Its action focuses on regulating the work of melanocytes and controlling disorders related to the incorrect distribution of the dye in the skin. Carefully developed formulas of..
£20.69 Ex VAT: £17.24
Brand: Lirene Available: In Stock
MICROBIOM PROTECTION Every day the skin is exposed to the harmful effects of external factors and stress. This disrupts its microbiome, which has important protective functions. The result is irritation and redness. The formula of the mask uses probiotics - friendly strains of bacteria that strengt..
£6.99 Ex VAT: £5.83
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