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Baby Oil & Lotion

Our lotions and oils are perfect for babies and young children, whether they need some moisturising, sun protection or after sun care for irritated skin we've got it

Brand: Bielenda Available: In Stock
I am a natural, intensively caring bath oil , intended for the delicate skin of children and toddlers from the first day of life. I was created on the basis of a natural vegan formula and contain mild cleansing agents that are safe for your baby's skin. I accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis..
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Brand: Farmona Available: In Stock
We have developed our two-phase bath oil with almond blossom and aloe vera to care for the delicate and dry skin of children from 6 months of age. Its 100% vegan formula based on plant extracts obtained from renewable sources, we composed only 11 ingredients. The two-phase olive gently cleanses, oil..
£6.69 Ex VAT: £5.58
Brand: Farmona Available: In Stock
Our ultra-moisturizing body lotion with daisy flower and aloe vera has been developed to care for the very delicate skin of babies from the age of 6 months. Its 100% vegan formula based on plant extracts obtained from renewable sources, we composed only 12 ingredients. The ultra-moisturizing balm so..
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Brand: Nivea Available: Out of Stock
NIVEA Baby Moisturizing Lotion protects and moisturizes baby's skin to make it healthy and soft. It has a skin-friendly and hypoallergenic formula that quickly absorbs to balance moisture loss immediately. It also contains aloe vera to strengthen baby's skin barrier while keeping it moisturized: NIV..
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Brand: AA Oceanic Available: Out of Stock
A delicate formula produced by AA Oceanic. developed to protect children’s highly sensitive skin, prone to allergies, atopy and dryness.Main Ingredients:Shea butter (5%) rebuilds the protective hydrolipid barrier of the epidermis, moisturising and protecting it against the adverse environme..
£4.79 Ex VAT: £3.99
Brand: AA Oceanic Available: In Stock
- milk with a delicate formula, perfectly cares for and intensively moisturizes dry and sensitive skin of a baby after each bath - consistency – light and fast absorbing Indications: - the skin of infants from the first days of life, especially dry, sensitive and prone to irritation- the skin of ..
£6.99 Ex VAT: £5.83
Brand: Ziaja Available: In Stock
After sunbathing baby milk.Light, moisturizing after-sun milk, adapted to the delicate skin of children. Provides relief to sun-irritated skin. It contains czufa milk obtained from ground almonds, D-panthenol and corn syrup - an anti-itching substance.ActionIt strengthens the hydro-lipid layer of th..
£4.39 Ex VAT: £3.66
Brand: Ziaja Available: In Stock
Creamy cleansing oil intended for soothing and oiling dermatological baths. Recommended for the daily hygiene of sensitive baby skin, it also contributes to the reduction of cradle cap.ACTION• gently oils and washes gently• prevents the epidermis from drying out• reduces roughness, dryness and exces..
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Brand: Ziaja Available: In Stock
Waterproof suntan lotion for children over 6 months of age. The product received a positive opinion of the Children's Health Center.for face and body spf 50+ very high protectionACTION• creates a waterproof protective layer on the skin• effectively reflects UVA and UVB rays• prevents sunburn and doe..
£5.99 Ex VAT: £4.99
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