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Toothpaste for children, gently but thoroughly cleans teeth. Flavours help encourage children to brush their teeth. Whether you want flouride or not we have options for you

Brand: Ziaja Available: Out of Stock
Fluoride toothpaste for children from 6 years of age for brushing milk teeth, "sixes" and erupting new permanent teeth.ACTION- 0.3% sodium fluoride- an amount adapted to the needs of children from 6 years of age- provides protection against caries- natural silicas- clean teeth very gently- cookie-va..
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Brand: Ziaja Available: In Stock
Fruit tooth gel for children. Tiny shiny particles and the taste of forest fruits will make everyday brushing more attractive.INDICATIONS:for children from 2 to 6 years oldACTION:• Gently but thoroughly cleans teeth• provides effective protection against caries• clearly strengthens the enamel• preve..
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