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SKIN CLINIC PROFESSIONAL Actively Rejuvenating ANTI-AGE Day/Night Cream, 50ml

SKIN CLINIC PROFESSIONAL Actively Rejuvenating ANTI-AGE Day/Night Cream, 50ml
SKIN CLINIC PROFESSIONAL Actively Rejuvenating ANTI-AGE Day/Night Cream, 50ml
  1. Professional cosmetics for mature skin. SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN EFFICACY
  2. Visible reduction of wrinkles - 87%
  3. Visibly younger looking skin - 89%


Actively rejuvenating cream effectively improves the quality of skin prone to imperfections ? combination, oily, shiny, gray, with enlarged pores, discolorations, or visible acne. Gently exfoliates, effectively reduces skin shine and pores, lightens discolorations and imparts radiance. It reduces wrinkles, smoothes, improves hydration and skin firmness. Cream contains the maximum dose of highly active ingredients.

PHYTO CERAMIDYL OMEGA - a unique combination of Omega 3, 6 and 9 and Ceramide is consistent with the intercellular cement of the skin. Easily penetrates the skin, protects the skin from excessive loss of water. Effectively smoothes wrinkles, firms and regenerates the skin. None of ceramides in the skin causes wrinkles - skin age faster.

Q10 LIPOSOMES easily penetrate the skin cells oxygenate them, neutralize free radicals, accelerate tissue regeneration, actively stimulate the skin to renew, effectively reduce wrinkles, prevent the formation of new ones. Vitamin E is known as Vitamin Youth protects the skin from aging. Deeply moisturizes, revitalizes and strengthens the skin. Firms, tones, visibly smoothes wrinkles, inhibits the formation of new ones. LACTOBIONIC ACID exfoliates the skin by stimulating repair mechanisms of the skin, prevents breakouts, smoothes and evens skin, moisturizes. VITAMIN B3 strengthens, renews and mattes the skin, improves its resistance to damage. Combats skin problems ? acne, redness, roughness and inflammation. It lightens the skin and reduces pigmentation caused by sun and age.


Younger looking skin ? smooth, firm, matte, velvety to the touch, full of radiance, with even tone ? simply more beautiful. Reduced pores, lightened discolorations, imperfections reduced and less visible.

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