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 Mollers fishoil Norwegian natural 250ml
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Brand: Moller's Available: In Stock
Möller's Norwegian fish oil - the highest quality, original Skrei cod liver oil caught in the cleanest Arctic waters off the coast of Norway.It supplements the daily diet with unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins D3, A and E...
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Brand: AA Oceanic Available: In Stock
End of date: 05.2021Action The hypoallergenic formula contains argan oil and borage extract, which: - intensely nourish the skin - deeply moisturize and prevent moisture loss - smoothen wrinkles and improve skin firmness - they strengthen and stimulate the reconstruction of the epidermis - stre..
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Brand: Aflofarm Available: Out of Stock
Best before: 05.2021Belissa Sun is a food supplement with Acti-Bronze formula with the maximum recommended dose of beta carotene.It is also enriched with L-tyrosine and copper which support proper skin pigmentation. 30 tablets..
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Brand: Bielenda Available: In Stock
Best before: 05.2021White mask FOR HER contains WHITE CARBON formula based on proprietary laboratory combination of activated carbon, diamond powder and white clay.Black mask for HIM contains natural ACTIVATED CHARCOAL with strong detoxifying effect which works like a magnet: attracts and absorbs to..
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Brand: Bielenda Professional Available: In Stock
BEST BEFORE: 05.2021The kit contains 2-phase stimulating 4 different treatment serums:- revitalizing- normalizing- soothing- anti-age2-PHASE STIMULATING ANTI-AGING SERUMIntended use: skin with the first signs of aging, wrinkles, loss of density, firmness and elasticity of the skin.Active ingredients..
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Brand: L'biotica Available: Out of Stock
Best before: 05.2021Biovax® Caviar contains a unique combination of nutrients derived from the marine treasures, caviar and golden algae.Caviar Extract:  containing a wealth of nutrients such as essential proteins, amino acids, lipids and antioxidants, Black Caviar helps to preserve, protect, m..
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Available: In Stock
KN95Instructions: 1: Stretch unfolded mask2: Wear rubber bands on both sides3: Press the bridge of the nose and sides to make it more conformablePrecautions: 1. It is not recommended to use this product under the condition of low oxygen, heavy air pollution, poor breath..
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Brand: Green Pharmacy Available: In Stock
End of date: 18.05.2021THIS COSMETIC:strengthens hair and nourishes bulbssoothes hair lossdoes not burdenHerbal elixir for weak hair and hair prone to falling out. Strengthens hair and nourishes bulbs. It does not burden them and does not stick. Extracts of narrow-leafed lupine, horsetail, horse che..
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Brand: Elfa Pharm Available: In Stock
Best before: 18.05.2021THIS COSMETIC:strengthens hairadds shine to the hairmakes combing easierBurdock mask balm strengthens and continues the effect of burdock shampoo. It penetrates the hair structure, protects its surface layers from further damage by creating a protective layer. It adds shine an..
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Brand: Delia Available: Out of Stock
Best before: 05.2021Instead of two products – one decisionWASH – cleanse both hair and bodyREFRESH – minimize excessive skin sweating and sebum production.CARE - soften your skin and soothe irritations.SAVE YOUR TIME AND SPACE = one bottle, two functions..
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Brand: Farmona Available: In Stock
Best before: 05.2021 The face cream with black rice and ubame charcoal was developed for the care of all skin types.Its black formula is composed of natural plant ingredients valued for centuries, which regenerate, absorb impurities and act as a protective shield on the skin.Day by day ..
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LIRENE DILATED CAPILLARIES Reducing Erythema and Strenghtening Capillaries Mask 50ml
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Brand: Lirene Available: Out of Stock
Best before: 05.2021The cosmetics in the Lirene Dermoprogram Dilated Capillaries line are designed for the skin which is prone to dilated and broken blood vessels. Recommended for the skin with capillary problems. It is intended for women irrespective of age. Reduces redness. Strengthens capillaries..
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