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If you need a hair treatment to reduce grease, increase shine or remove dandruff we'll have something for you. So check out our range to find exactly what you need for beautiful hair.
 Jantar Enzymatic Shampoo with Amber Extract and Papain Peeling 330ml
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Brand: Farmona Available: Out of Stock
Improvement of hair condition from the first application. Advanced shampoo formula, based on a long tradition of using the unique properties of amber.0% silicones, ethyl alcohol, dyesActive ingredients:amber - cares, protects, nourishespapain - supports the removal of callous epidermiszinc PCA - reg..
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Brand: Farmona Available: In Stock
The hair shampoo contains amber extract that nurtures, protects and nourishes the hair. Biotin restores shine and elasticity to the hair. Arginine stimulates hair growth. Niacinamide improves hair condition and reduces hair loss. Creatine rebuilds the hair structure.Indications: for damaged hair.How..
£4.09 Ex VAT: £3.41
aflofarm DX2 anti-hair loss shampoo150ml
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Brand: Aflofarm Available: Out of Stock
DX2 anti hair loss − prevents excessive hair loss* −restores hair roots− strengthens weak hair − dermatologically tested DX2 anti hair loss shampoo contains Pronalen Fibro-ActifTM which extends hair grow phase to prevent hair loss. Properties extending hair vitality had been proven in in vitro ..
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Brand: Aflofarm Available: In Stock
DX2 shampoo against greying of dark hair - gradually restores hair natural, dark colour - NOT a hair dye - effect after 5 uses* - dermatologically tested DX2 shampoo against greying of dark hair contains plant extracts rich in phytopigments, which when used regularly gradually darken hair and ..
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